Who taylor swift is dating

"I was as surprised as everyone else when I woke up and saw her Instagram," he said. And the strength she's shown through all that's amazing and inspiring. I'm happy to see that she's doing well, it seems, and that she was able to get the surgery.And her friend helping her was a beautiful thing, so it's all amazing."As for Swift and the elder Jonas, although they have yet to be as publicly friendly as Nick and Gomez, they did once go on an intimate river cruise in London together when Joe was dating Gigi Hadid and Swift was with Calvin Harris back in 2015.Those include a new aesthetic; a new, already best-selling album featuring both Ed Sheeran and Future rapping; a whole new series of questionable fashion choices; and, perhaps most subtly, a definite change in the average height of her well-publicized boyfriends.Swift, who is an inch shorter than six feet tall, started off the string of very public relationships she's now so well known for in 2008 with Joe Jonas, who stands at just 5'7", and who was followed by Taylor Lautner, who clocks in at 5'9".The Hiddleswift era was fast and intense: Fourth of July parties! (For now.) August 14, 2016: Hiddleston flies out to Rhode Island on Swift's private jet for a reunion before he leaves the States to go back to Australia for filming. "They weren't spending as much time together," the source explains.

So where Joe and Tay met isn't 100% clear, which makes the start date to this timeline a tad tricky but, bear with us. I know what you're thinking, this link may seem tenuous given that the whole of Hollywood goes BUT Swift's new song 'Dress' - where she sings: 'Flashback to when you met me/ Your buzz cut/ And my hair bleached' -has provided some fans with the theory that the 2016 event could be significant. However, this Met Gala is also seemingly full of Taylor-related events as a video of her and (soon to be boyfriend) Tom Hiddleston having a dance-off to Beyonce's does the rounds on the internet.Given that a good portion of that album seems to be about Alwyn, and that the pair has been reclusive enough for the internet to believe Swift had started traveling inside of a suitcase, however, it seems like guarding her personal life—which, let's face it, at least to the tabloids mean her love life, now that squads are long gone—remains a top priority.Given that her past two boyfriends have been British, however, it may just be that Swift has resigned herself to hanging out with them in more convenient places—like her equally multimillion-dollar, heavily guarded homes in New York, Rhode Island, and Nashville.From there, Swift experimented with dating the 6'3" John Mayer, and after that didn't go to well, upgraded to a man she saw more eye to eye with: Jake Gyllenhaal, who's exactly her height.From there, a series of 6" or taller men has followed: Harry Styles, 6"; Tom Hiddleston and Conor Kennedy, both 6'2"; Joe Alwyn, her current beau, 6'1".

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