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Before 1933, Phoenix only had one year with 100 or more 100-degree days, dating to 1895.

Now, the city has hit that mark 30 of the past 35 years, including this year.

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This year alone, the city had six of those searing days. Triple-digit weather isn't limited to the summer months of June, July and August.

As recently as the 1960s, summer lows still averaged in the mid-70s each night.

This year, the city's overnight lows in June, July and August fell below 75 degrees only six times.

Between 19, Phoenix averaged five 100-degree days each May. It has also reached 100 degrees in April 53 times in the city's history, with more than half of them since 1989.

And Phoenix hit 100 degrees once in March in 1988, the only time it has done so to this point. September has averaged 18 100-degree days since 1990. Phoenix has hit triple digits in October 49 times in its history.

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