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Sillage much more discreet than I was expecting (which is a good thing) and longevity respectable. it is still vetiver dominant, and I'm still getting that effect where the odd waft, maybe 1 waft of every 4, makes me feel borderline-nauseous. So this one is the original mixed blessing, or curate's egg. I live in Poland, where the weather can be a b*tch. I will buy one from Lalique official shops for 94 euros to see the difference. I have not worn it outside yet but that will happen in time. It starts off a little overpowering, but not for long. Certainly, the moody, isolated, brooding forest vibe is the entire point of this fragrance. The only negative I have is it has lots of the ISO super molecule which causes some people, including myself to quickly get olfactory fatigue -- like within the hour after application! However, despite the olfactory fatigue issues for some of us, I can almost guarantee even if you as the wearer become anosmic to this scent, you'll still be projecting, and probably more than you realize, depending on how much you applied.

I don't want to have to make this much effort to like something and won't be buying ... When it's raining and everything is in a grayscale, EN is a perfect filler. This is a gem, well balanced, long lasting, and the price is great too. What you're left with is a mature, manly fragrance that has people coming sniffing you. I bought Lalique because I read about its darkness and woodiness. I super like the smell, a mysterious and dark, absolutely for more sad cold days (not sunny). Silage is starting quite strong but turns to mild fast, which is ok, as you don't smell the whole room with it, but strong enough to be noticed. I am 27 and like it and I will wear it often, but I would not wear it just a few years ago when I was in college. I think I know why I love it so much - it reminds me of Comme des Garcons fragrances, which are some of my favorites. I had to pretty much take a bath in it to get decent projection and some longevity, but at bucks online that isn’t the end of the world. And while I sometimes wish it were more approachable, I still respect it as a genuinely beautiful and authentic fragrance that stands alone amidst a sea of followers. Therefore, I suggest do not over apply this fragrance because it becomes extremely synthetic if you over-spray. With many fragrances I often get better longevity spraying my shirt.

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This might be the one scent which could win me over to vetiver as a primary ingredient; yet on the other hand I'm still deeply ill at ease with it.It conjures up a mood of misty melancholy, rather than exotic menace. But whenever I spray it on myself then just can't stand it, it smells like my sweat- probably from too much ISO E Super. It is an odd one, and if you find this challenging, may I suggest bearing with it. That bottle too, with its wooden lid that CLICKs into place! update: the similarity between EN and woody i mentioned above on papers. By the way I catch no cypress(green) nor vetiver(earth), I think the combination is smoke, lots of smoke(incense), woods, ginger and lime (there's definitely lime here somewhere), well that's my opinion. If you're an "I wear fragrances for me" guy and you like dark, ethereal scents, this will work for you. Don't wear it for birthdays / anniversaries / weddings. this only works for gloomy, introspective, rainy days in the heart of a forest in the Pacific northwest. As a serial people-pleaser, this is hard to work with.It's absolutely not what the words "dark wood scent" usually evoke for me (rich, spicy, warm) - rather a much cooler and more controlled mood. it's done the near-impossible by making me even consider wearing it ... It's also very affordable and of great quality for the price. sold it after few months One of the best autumn scents. This will get you as many odd looks as it will compliments. I love this perfume, I have used it for 3 years at least,and it is not a perfume, it is a mood that you get in while wearing this perfume, it helps you enjoy your loneliness, even though it is sth wonderful when you are in love especially in autumn, dating someone special in the cold days, but just I dont like the short lasting of the perfume and I have recently found another price for this perfume in Lalique shops around 95 Euros that makes me think that these cheap versions are kind of fake perfumes. The vetiver is sooo perfectly cool and smooth in it. BTW on my skin, EN is a little darker, deeper and richer. I am in love with this, and out of all my collection (of around 50 bottles), this gets the most compliments. Humid wood, brown dying leaves, modern luxury wooden furnitures, some old school ink. Don't wear it for cracking open a cold one with the boys. I appreciate it on an artistic level, and in fact I'd compliment anyone I smell it on.That ink note was always mentioned and man it is so prominent.It honestly does smell like black ink and I was quite put off by that quality.

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