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Day 3 I catch the Tube with one of our photographers and he eggs me on to chat up men for the pics.

It’s a lot easier when I’m showing off for someone – I may have said ‘I can get you all the men you want’.

We end up having a 10 minute conversation about wifi and Dorset, where he works as a surveyor.

In hindsight I could have offered him my number so I could attend opening night.

South Kensington to Leicester Square – Piccadilly Line I pick a seat beside a tall guy in his late 30s with his i Pad out.

It was time to see if, in the words of the late 90s boyband, I could find Love On The Northern Line.

Day 1 I’m wearing red because I heard men are drawn to it and, frankly, I need all the help I can get.

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