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It’s important to sing what you know and sing what you believe, or else listeners are not going to believe it.

Q: Kristin left the band earlier this year to pursue songwriting full-time. It’s not counter to my personality at all, so consequently I’m happy in it. Q: Do you have any country music role models for combining work and motherhood?

Do you see her departure as a casualty of the grueling tour schedule? Q: What are you going to do to make sure you don’t burn out on it, too? Now that’s not to say I don’t have moments when I say, “We need a couple of days off.” You need to have a life outside so you have inspiration and emotion to pull from when you’re on that stage. A: Most all the female artists have kids—I mean, you look at Faith, you look at Reba, you look at Sara Evans. And that’s one of the things Kristian has said, that in country music you can have a career and a family.

He has two kids; they’re four and one, and they are gorgeous. Especially since I love them and had their t-shirts when I was in junior high. That’s just how I looked at it—like I’m going to go out there and be who I am and bring to this music what I can.

Q: You’re a singer-songwriter in a genre where most artists record other writers’ songs.

A: Some people get out there and they bring someone else’s song in, and they make it their own. But I feel that it makes an even deeper connection with the audience if these songs are stories that have been created through you.

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